A knit maternity trainsuit designed with comfort and style. Side-zip sweater and slim fit pants. No need to strip sweater down when baby gets hungry - so you stay warm and baby stays happy.
Fabric: 75% viscose, 23% polyester, 2% elastane


SKU: 19010401
  • -turn the clothes inside out before washing;

    -use a laundry bag;

    -use gentle detergents designed for delicate laundry;

    -use a delicate mode for washing;

    -do not soak the product;

    -do not rub or unscrew the jersey;

    -dry the product correctly.

    The formation of spools is possible on knitted products. By following the basic rules of care for knitwear, you can avoid or minimize this kind of trouble. To remove the spools, use a special brush or peeling machine.

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