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Clothes for pregnant women become necessary at the moment when the clasp on your favorite jeans stops matching. After going through the closet, the expectant mother realizes that she fits well only in a knitted T-shirt, which was too big last season, and a stretchy sweater. You can temporarily borrow clothes, for example, from mom, but it will sit badly, too big in the shoulders and unusual length. For a woman during pregnancy, the best solution is to purchase special clothing for pregnant women, which provides additional volume for the growing tummy. And you do not need to buy things a few sizes larger. Clothes for pregnant women from TM NovaTi are designed so that the expectant mother will be comfortable at different stages of pregnancy. Dresses, pants, leggings, blouses - the basic things in the wardrobe of a pregnant woman. Fabrics are usually used elastic, non-restrictive and body-friendly. Some models have the ability to wear them after pregnancy and a special system for feeding the baby. Let a woman shine during pregnancy! New clothes - You are new!

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